Cloud Peak Wilderness

A wilderness area is a region where the land is in a natural state; where impacts from human activities are minimal—that is, as a wilderness. In 1984, through the Wyoming Wilderness Act, the Cloud Peak Wilderness was designated in the Bighorn National Forest. The Cloud Peak Wilderness is home to Cloud Peak (13,187’ above sea level) and Black Tooth Mountain (13,004’ above sea level)


Cloud peak

Cloud Peak is the tallest peak in the Bighorn Mountains and can be seen from many miles away. Your trek to the summit will pass countless fresh water streams, alpine meadows, alpine lakes, and an abundance of wildlife. The summit of Cloud Peak can be achieved by ambitious youth and adults.


Black Tooth Mountain

Black Tooth is the second tallest peak in the Bighorn Mountains and can best be seen from the north side of the Cloud Peak Wilderness. If you like turquoise alpine lakes, waterfalls, and towering granite walls this peak is for you!


Circle Park Trailhead

Circle Park grants access to the Cloud Peak Wilderness with a loop trail system. Circle Park is home to a large concentration of lakes and mountain vistas. This is an excellent option for backpacking in the Bighorn Mountains, especially for youth!